Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

RPC is the catalyst for prosperous and inclusive communities, innovative regional development, and thriving individuals and families.

Our Mission

Helping people and communities maximize opportunities for a better quality of life through education, planning, and support services.

Our Values

The ability of the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission to achieve our vision and fulfill our mission is based on the consistent application of our organizational values, which are practiced every day by the members of our team.

Integrity – We deal honestly and fairly with those we serve and with each other.

Diversity – We recognize and appreciate the strength that a wide variety of people, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas contribute to our organization and community.

Responsiveness – We respond to the needs of our clients, partners, coworkers, and community in a timely fashion, and provide services in a friendly and efficient manner.

Professionalism – We demonstrate knowledge, enthusiasm, courtesy, dedication, resourcefulness, and fiscal responsibility in all work-related activities.

Collaboration – We practice teamwork internally, build partnerships externally, and promote inter-governmental cooperation regionally.

Respect – We respect our clients, partners, co-workers, community, and the resources we use to serve their needs.