Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

Starting December 1, all income-eligible households can make appointments for LIHEAP. Applications will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis through August 15, 2024. Households that receive a one-time benefit may return during this period for a Reconnection Assistance or Furnace Assistance benefit(s). You can schedule your appointment below starting on December 1.

NOTE: LIHEAP appointments CANNOT be scheduled at any of our Early Childhood Education Centers. If you are in Rantoul, you may only schedule your appointment at our office inside the Rantoul Business Center (601 S. Century Boulevard, Suite 1314) starting on Monday, September 18.

The RPC will begin taking applications on Monday, October 2, 2023, for seniors, the disabled, and families with children under the age of six years old. On Wednesday, November 1, households that are disconnected from their utilities, have a disconnection notice or have less than 25% in their propane tank can start applying for LIHEAP assistance. All other income-eligible households can start applying on Friday, December 1, 2023.

Households eligible for LIHEAP in October can begin making appointments on Monday, September 18, 2023. Those appointments can be scheduled in person only at the RPC’s office inside the Brookens Administrative Center (1776 E. Washington Street, Urbana), at 2009 Round Barn Road in Champaign, and at the Rantoul Business Center (601 S. Century Boulevard, Suite 1314), or by phone at 217-384-1226. Those making appointments for November, December, and beyond will be able to make appointments in person, by phone, or through our scheduling tool found below starting on November 1.

When attending your appointment, please bring the following with you.

  • Social Security card for all household members
  • Proof of income for the past 30 days
  • Recent gas/electric bill (and a disconnect notice if within seven days of disconnection), or rental agreement if utilities are included in rent
  • Proof of pending disability from Social Security
  • If you have a PENDING disability case, you MUST provide a current letter from the Social Security Office stating your case is pending. Documents from a lawyer’s office are not acceptable

Appointment Availability

During the program year, LIHEAP appointment times are added on a monthly basis on the second Monday of the month. If/when you attempt to schedule and find that there are no available appointments, please check back on the second Monday of the next month. If the 2nd Monday is a holiday, appointment times will be added the Friday before the holiday.

Program Overview

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federal- and state-funded utility assistance program in Champaign County. LIHEAP helps low-income families pay their energy costs and helps educate them to conserve energy, lower their costs, and work toward financial self-sufficiency. During the most recent program year, LIHEAP provided assistance to 7,232 households, serving over 11,039 individuals, and distributing more than $3,188,912 in utility benefits. The program also helped 1,300+ families reconnect or maintain utilities through crisis assistance and completed over 100 home visits to provide services to homebound elderly and people with disabilities. Over the last two years, LIHEAP staff have assisted an average of 85 households with utility assistance for Ameren customers through the Ameren Cares program.

Over the past year, we have increased efforts to provide case management training to LIHEAP staff and partners. These efforts have resulted in greater program capacity and improved service for low-income households seeking assistance.


To receive more information or if you have trouble making an appointment, please call (217) 384-1226.

Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

LIHEAP eligibility is determined by family size and household income in accordance with federal guidelines. All appointments require proof of income for the past 30 days, social security cards for all household members, a recent gas/electric bill (and a disconnect notice if within seven days of disconnection), or a rental agreement if utilities are included in rent.

Phone: (217) 384-1226
Hours of operation: 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday

Upcoming LIHEAP Outreach Mobile events

Dawn Rear
Community Services Program Manager
(217) 819-4079