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2020 Urbana Pedestrian Master Plan (Final Report)

The 2020 City of Urbana Pedestrian Master Plan (UPMP) has the purpose of helping the City of Urbana to become a more economically vibrant, healthy, and sustainable community by identifying steps to make Urbana more walkable. The plan establishes the policies, programs, and projects that will further enhance pedestrian safety, comfort, and accessibility in all of Urbana’s neighborhoods. Eleven public meetings were held in neighborhoods across Urbana to gather input on where people like to walk, where they have issues walking, and where they want to walk. The RPC used public input and other prioritization criteria to develop recommendations on which pedestrian improvements the City should work on first.

The UPMP includes the following sections: Introduction (Chapter 1), Goals & Objectives (Chapter 2), Existing Conditions (Chapter 3), Infrastructure Types (Chapter 4), Public Input (Chapter 5), Recommendations (Chapter 6), and Implementation (Chapter 7).  It also includes the following appendices:  Policy Framework (Appendix 1), Existing Plans and Policies (Appendix 2), Existing Conditions Neighborhood Maps (Appendix 3), Public Input Round #1 Report (Appendix 4), Public Input Round #2 Report (Appendix #5), Recommendation Prioritization Criteria (Appendix #6), and All Recommendations Tables (Appendix #7).

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