Our Future. Here.

Our Future. Here. a Vision for Champaign County was a community visioning document completed in 2007. The document includes goals, objectives, and recommended actions. Some vision elements were implemented through actions taken by numerous entities, both public and private. Rather than creating a formal organization, elements of the vision have been addressed in piecemeal fashion. CCRPC staff held a 2010 update meeting to document the status of the vision in order to determine next steps for its implementation, and received the following input:

  • Interest in maintaining Our Future. Here. as the regional vision. Maintenance could include identifying accomplishments and updating the plan and online interactive resources
  • Interest in identifying progress made since developing the vision
  • RPC acting as mediator for difficult issues and identifying local potential for cooperative efforts
  • Using ad hoc committees to garner input
  • RPC focusing on building relationships, delineating potential for success, and holding discussion forums.
  • Consensus Commissioner Decision: Staff will re-engage committees from the Big.small.all planning process. Several meetings will be used to identify progress made towards the vision and kick-start additional implementation. Meetings and projects will be accomplished as time permits with existing RPC membership funds.

Indicator data updates were done in 2012, and again in 2014, before the vision and the indicators outlined in Our Future. Here. were used to inform the updated set of indicators. Below are the documents developed and released throughout the visioning process.

Documents from 2006-2010

Here you’ll find the reports developed during and after the Big. Small. All. and Our Future. Here. process.

  • Champaign County Today and Tomorrow
    Published in August 2006, this document is the earliest report in the Big. Small. All./Our Future. Here. process. It describes “selected trends and conditions” in Champaign County and lays the foundation for the later documents. It contains the following chapters: Population; Economy; Agriculture; Land Development; Poverty, Children, & Families; Education; Housing Affordability; Crime; Property Tax; Sales Tax; Parks & Preserves; and Transportation.
  • Our Future. Here.: A Vision for Champaign County
    Our Future. Here.: A Vision for Champaign County was published in March 2007, by the Big. Small. All. Champaign County working group, in association with ACP Visioning and Planning, Ltd. This report describes the visioning and planning process behind Big. Small. All. and how it led to the Our Future. Here. document. It lays out the five “Strategic Elements” and their objectives and action strategies. The five strategic elements, “A Collaborative County,” “A Prosperous County,” “A Sustainable County,” “A Supportive County,” and “An Enriching County,” form the basis of our current set of indicators.
  • Our Future. Here.: Champaign County Indicators
    Published in April 2009, this report covers the five strategic elements first described in Our Future. Here., and their associated objectives and actions, in greater detail. The report provides data on many of the objectives, and compares Champaign County’s performance to that of several comparison communities, mostly also located in the Midwest.
  • Champaign County Indicators 2010 Update
    Published in December 2010, this report presents the same topics in the same format as Our Future. Here.: Champaign County Indicators, but with updated datasets for those objectives that had indicators with available data.

All four reports available on this page are PDFs from CCRPC’s archives.

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