LRTP: Choices 2035

The Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study (CUUATS) began the update of the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) in January 2009. The LRTP is a document that details how the local area transportation system should evolve over the next 25 years. This document must be updated every five years as a requirement mandated by the Federal Highway Administration in order for communities in the urbanized area to receive federal and state funding for transportation projects. The LRTP 2035 document was approved in 2009.

The LRTP 2035 update addressed land use and transportation issues to ensure equity for all users. A multi-modal approach was used in the update with the intention of creating transportation improvements which focused not only on automobiles but also on other modes of transportation such as walking, biking and transit. This LRTP update also included a set of performance based measurements which were updated every five years to track the progress made toward the goals and objectives recommended by the document. Participation from urbanized area residents was important in creating a plan that served the needs of all users.

The Choices Report Card was an annual consistent update process that allowed a fine-scale assessment of LRTP Measures of Effectiveness and the goals and objectives they were designed to measure.

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