Regional Sustainability Initiative and Inventory

In 2008, RPC started an informal discussion group under the name Champaign County Sustainability Practitioners. The purpose of the group was to enhance dialog among agencies and organizations that were looking at sustainability issues. These discussions evolved into the development of an inventory of initiatives for the region. This inventory is neither a comprehensive list of initiatives within Champaign County nor the entities who participated in the survey. The goal is to develop information that supports regional cooperation toward sustainability and promote the region as a leader in sustainability.

Sustainability Inventory

The inventory of sustainability initiatives was completed with participation from several municipalities and other taxing jurisdictions in Champaign County. Each participant provided summaries of their initiatives to RPC staff for analysis.

The resulting inventory is organized by theme and contributing organization. At the top of each page, the theme is identified followed by a list of goals and strategies that each entity is currently pursuing. The eight themes with the greatest number of initiatives are reported in this document. Additional themes may be added in the future.

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