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Urbana Bicycle Wayfinding Master Plan Final Report 2020

The 2020 City of Urbana Bicycle Wayfinding Plan (UBWP) builds on the 2016 Urbana Bicycle Master Plan (UBMP), both completed by the RPC. One major UBMP recommendation is to install bikeway and trail wayfinding signs to supplement existing and proposed bike route and trail signs in Urbana. The purpose of the Urbana Bicycle Wayfinding Plan is to facilitate bicycle navigation to riders’ destinations while conveying the community’s identity and encouraging people to ride.

The UBWP includes the following sections: Introduction (Chapter 1), Peer Area Comparisons (Chapter 2), Existing Signs & Destinations (Chapter 3), Public Input (Chapter 4), Sign Designs & Placement (Chapter 5), Implementation (Chapter 6), Public Input Report (Appendix A), and Route Sign Details (Appendix B).

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