Weaver Park & East Urbana KRT Connectivity Study

The Urbana Park District, Champaign County Forest Preserve District (CCFPD), and City of Urbana contracted with the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) to evaluate the feasibility of providing a bicycle and pedestrian facility that connects the Kickapoo Rail Trail (KRT) opened in August 2017 at the University Avenue/Main Street Spur to Weaver Park on Main Street in Urbana. The three goals of this study are to connect the KRT to Weaver Park, develop a primary trailhead at Weaver Park, and improve bicycle and pedestrian access in East Urbana. CCFPD owns the former railroad property to Scottswood Drive extended, but not to the next north-south road (Smith Road) to build a connection to Weaver Park. The land west of the Scottwood Drive corridor is owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad.

This study includes existing conditions analysis, bicycle and pedestrian network analysis, and facility type descriptions. Public input from previous related plans and two project workshops is also documented. The project steering committee developed nine alternatives to connect the KRT to Weaver Park, and analyzed the opportunities and constraints as well as the relation to project goals of each alternative. Concluding remarks discuss steps to take after completion of this study.

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