Westgate Land Use Plan

The Danville Area Transportation Study (DATS) contracted the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission to create a plan for the Westgate area, which is situated along US 150 west of Danville and east of Oakwood. This study examined existing conditions in the study area and created a vision for future land uses, transportation improvements, and economic development strategies to make development in the study area attractive and sustainable.

The study area is a key gateway into Downtown Danville, and to the north lies Kickapoo State Park and Kennekuk County Park, two large parks which draw visitors from all over Illinois and parts of Indiana. The two main goals of this study are to create a future land use vision for the area, one which is both economically viable and sustainable. The second goal is to analyze the existing transportation network and propose future improvements to the roadway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities that will enhance the safety and efficiency of future travel.

The DATS Policy Committee provided a formal approval of the Westgate Land Use Plan at its meeting on April 8, 2010.

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