Introducing the Changes

As you can see, we’re changing a lot.

As of this summer, we’re rolling out a new set of indicators based on the 2007 Our Future. Here. process. While maintaining the vision of the original set, we believe the new set is more detailed, more focused, and more quantifiable. Some are available to view on the site now; others are still under construction and will be completed this summer.

In addition to the new indicators and their associated data, the site is also gaining the Information Clearinghouse, to point readers to other sources for additional research, and the Regional Dashboard, which offers general data about population, housing, and the economy in our region. It’s also getting a data topics blog.

The Information Clearinghouse offers readers next steps: it’s where to go if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on this site, or if something you found answered a few of your questions but raised a dozen more. We can’t repost the entire Internet here on this site, and we’re not trying to. What we can do is curate a list of resources, some that we pulled some data from, others that we didn’t, that cover some of the same topics but in greater depth and over greater geographic areas.

The Regional Dashboard will take the place of the printed Statistical Abstract that you may know and love. It will offer the most current, reliable data available about conditions in Champaign County, its municipalities, and its townships, and will be updated on a rolling basis as relevant datasets are released.

The blog, projected to be updated once a month, is a platform for sharing data, ideas, and analysis that don’t make it to the rest of the site. The blog is where you’ll find discussion of topics that might be too minor to be a Dashboard item or too unquantifiable or lacking in trend data to be an indicator, but are still interesting and engaging. We’ll also have data literacy entries: having solid statistics are great, but knowing how to read and interpret them is just as important.

So bookmark us, and stayed tuned for new indicators, new blog posts, and new content on the Regional Dashboard.

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