HSTP Region 8 August Newsletter

Illinois Gubernatorial Election – November 6, 2018

Candidates on Transportation Issues

J.B. Pritzker (Democrat): Pritzker says he would fund transportation improvements primarily by changing Illinois’ income tax system from a flat tax to a graduated tax, in which the highest earners pay a higher rate. Pritzker was not specific about rates, though.

“Pritzker supports a capital bill for infrastructure, calling it an investment that ‘creates jobs, improves the economy and pays off for years to come.’ Spokeswoman Galia Slayen says he’ll maximize federal dollars ‘unlike Bruce Rauner.’”

Pritzker also cited the trend towards fuel-efficient cars as he suggested a “vehicle miles traveled tax,” though he said it should “only be a test” because “such a tax must be carefully implemented.” Pritzker also claims to use public transit occasionally while traveling around Chicago, and cites the ease of getting around the city via bus.

Bruce Rauner (Republican): Incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner opposes raising the gas tax or imposing a vehicle miles traveled tax. Rauner announced an $11 billion infrastructure plan May 29 that aims to repair and upgrade the state’s roads and bridges. “The plan, dubbed the Illinois Department of Transportation Multi-Year Proposed Highway Improvement Program, accounts for the next six years and includes $2.2 billion of state and federal funding in the upcoming fiscal year.”

“Investing in transportation creates jobs and economic opportunity, improves safety and makes Illinois a better place to raise a family,” Rauner said. “This plan will make Illinois more competitive while protecting the interests of the taxpayers.”

However, Bruce Rauner has a poor record on active and sustainable transportation. Transit agencies across the state went without funding for months while a comprehensive budget wasn’t passed for two years; downstate transit operators had to reduce services.

Transportation Research Board – RFP

RFP: Rural Transportation Issues: Research Roadmap

TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) has released a request for proposals to produce a research roadmap for critical rural transportation issues in order to submit problem statements for consideration for NCHRP funding in the FY 2020 program. Proposals are due August 7, 2018.


Illinois Public Transportation Association – Fall Conference 2018
Date: September 5-7, 2018
Location: iHotel and Conference Center in Champaign, IL
Session topics include: Microtransit, alternative fuel, marketing, scheduling and planning, and current federal/state transportation legislation
*The IPTA conference will have special events such as a golf outing, pub crawl, and poker run on Wednesday, and a cocktail Meet + Greet with U of I Football Coach Lovie Smith on Thursday.

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