RPC Staff Help Area High School Students Say “YES” to Summer Employment

Students smile during a new hire orientation at Centennial High School

Summer is here and that means employment opportunities for local high school students. On Tuesday, June 5, members of the RPC’s Human Resources team (Becky Krueger, Kathy Berger, and Shelby Charleston) assisted over 100 students in the Youth Employment Services (YES) Program during new hire orientations at Champaign’s Centennial High School.

Since many of the participanStudents listen intently during a new hire orientation at Centennial High Schoolts in this year’s program are facing employment for the first time, they needed help completing all of the program’s necessary work eligibility and payroll tax forms. RPC staff also took the opportunity to teach the students the importance of payroll, I-9, federal, and state tax forms. While that may not sound too exciting to most people, it’s a whole new experience for students getting their first taste of the working world.

Another thing the YES participants learned about was the importance of a Social Security card and security issues regarding the use and storage of it. RPC staff explained how a person’s identity can easily be stolen with the misplacement of a Social Security card, and that having pictures of their card on their phone—or storing it in their wallets or purses—is not safe. Social Security cards should be kept in a safe place at home where only one or two trusted individuals know the location. (Speaking of which, where do you keep your Social Security card?)

“The YES Program is an excellent opportunity for emerging talent of our community to gain invaluable work experience and job preparation training early in their career,” says RPC HR director Becky Krueger.

In addition, RPC staff offered an explanation on how to choose the number of allowances on payroll tax forms, the impact the allowance has on a student’s paychecks, and the implication those allowances can have when they go to file their 2018 tax returns.

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