30-Day Public Comment Period for Rural and Urban Area Safety Plans

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The DRAFT Rural Champaign County Area Safety Plan and the DRAFT Champaign-Urbana Urban Area Safety Plan were approved for a 30-day public comment period at the CUUATS Technical Committee meeting on Wednesday September 4 and the CUUATS Policy Committee meeting on Wednesday September 11 at the Brookens Administrative Center.

The Rural Champaign County Area Safety Plan includes all area outside the Champaign-Urbana metropolitan planning area (MPA) boundary and within the Champaign County boundary. The Champaign-Urbana Urban Area Safety Plan includes all area within the Champaign-Urbana MPA boundary. The Rural and Urban Area Safety Plans present area-wide analysis of crash trends, identify emphasis areas based on a data-driven approach, and outline strategies for each of the emphasis areas. The strategies are based on four categories: Education, Enforcement, Engineering, and Emergency Medical Services. The Plans also present the trends of different variables according to different factors to determine the safety performance targets as required by federal requirements for the Champaign-Urbana MPA as well as for each of the different emphasis areas identified in the Rural and Urban Area Safety Plans.

The 30-day public comment period will run from September 16 to October 15, 2019. The plans are available online and a hard copy is available at the Regional Planning Commission in the Brookens Administrative Center at 1776 E Washington Street in Urbana. Please contact Rita Morocoima-Black (rmorocoi@ccrpc.org) with questions and comments.


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  1. Clifford Johnson says:

    I am so happy to see that Rt. 47 made your list of high-priority segments. As a cyclist that lives in Thornewood Subdivision I fear for my safety as I try to reach Lake of the Woods and downtown Mahomet by bicycle. In the winter or when visibility is otherwise low I won’t even try. I look forward to having safe access by bike and on foot!!!

  2. Andrew Singer says:

    The area on Route 47 in Mahomet north of Lake of the Woods is unsafe. Children walk and ride bikes from the Thornewood Subdivision to the Lake of the Woods Preserve and this two-lane highway has trucks and other vehicles coming in at 55 miles per hour down to 45 miles per hour over this stretch. there is no sidewalk, no shoulder, and no safe place to walk or ride a bicycle into the park. A sidewalk that continues north from the BriarCliff subdivision would make this much safer. Such a sidewalk would enable children in Thornewood to ride their bicycles to school, by crossing through the park to the high school.

  3. Ryne Simeone says:

    The portion of Illinois Rt. 47 north of Mahomet, Between Briarcliff subdivision and Thornwood subdivision, needs to be addressed for walkers and bike riders. There are many children and adults whom ride their bikes to Lake of the Woods on this route, not to mention some desire to ride to school etc. There is a sidewalk out of the thornwood subdivision and then it stops and doesn’t begin again until briarcliff subdivision. With Rt 47 becoming an increased traffic area, especially in this stretch of it, this is a large safety concern for everyone involved.

  4. Danny Snyder says:

    I am soon moving to Thornwood subdivision in Mahomet and as an avid runner I really need a way to get safely from Thornwood down to Briarcliff along 47 to reach the Lake of the Woods trail. My family would also use this to reach LOTW park as well for hiking and playing. As it is there isn’t a safe way to get there except by car.

  5. RaMona Seaman says:

    A trail or bike path along Route 47North of Mahomet, IL would benefit not only the Village of Mahomet, IL but all bike riders, walkers, and runners in the area. It would also alleviate additional traffic on Route47, and would connect several neighbors throughout Mahomet, IL. As a parent of a cross country runner, this trail would permit the runners to fully utilize the park without having to run along 47 and in the ditches along 47. Please consider revisiting this project.

  6. Karen Slezak says:

    Having lived in Mahomet for many years, I believe you will find numerous accidents near the Briarcliff subdivision and 47 even prior to the establishment of the Thornewood subdivision. There have been 3 fatalities that come to mind over the years. So the issue is not really not only about a walking path from one subdivision
    to the Lake of the woods park but about the speed of traffic coming into the community. Another traffic light or stop sign to slow traffic from North 47 would add some safety.

  7. Amber Garrison says:

    I would like for there to be a sidewalk along 47 to connect Thornewood to Briarcliff and then Lake of the Woods. I feel this would make it much safer for walkers, runners and bicyclists to connect to Lake of the Woods and the rest of Mahomet. I feel this sidewalk would be utilized frequently, and it would cut down on additional road traffic. I know as a driver on 47, I have been concerned about the pedestrians (sometimes high school kids) who use the roadside to get to Lake of the Woods. As a runner and walker, I personally would use the sidewalk several times a week. Please consider a sidewalk along 47. Thanks so much for considering this project.

  8. Neal Garrison says:

    The stretch of road between the Briarcliff and Thornewood subdivisions is currently not safe. Young children and families ride their bikes from the Thornewood subdivision to the Lake of the Woods park. While I think drivers try to be careful, it often creates a very unsafe situation where cars have to come to near stops to avoid hitting the families or oncoming traffic. The gravel shoulder of the road is extremely narrow for even walkers and joggers. It places walkers within just a few feet of oncoming traffic and semi trucks. I strongly believe it is in the best interest of walkers, joggers, bikers, and drivers to build a sidewalk from the Briarcliff subdivision to the Thornewood subdivision.

  9. Peg Busch says:

    Please, look at the safety of RT 47 just north of Mahomet and Lake of the Woods as traffic continues to increase each year it seems. As more and more drivers are distracted, I’m concern about turning into our subdivision, Thronewood. We had moved into this neighbor with high hopes living within a small rural community, that we would have safe options to enjoy The trails of The Lake of the Woods and the local businesses, by riding our bikes. Unfortunately, RT 47 is not safe for walkers or bikers for us to enjoy this opportunity. Having access along RT 47, would increase access to recreation, local organizations, businesses, increase community involvement, and health and wellness for the 150 plus homes that are within the village limits, but not connected to the village at all. I’m hopeful there are resources to make a change and I’m hopeful there is not an accident in the future along this route that calls for this change. Let’s do it now, so there is an opportunity for a safe place for our kids and families to ride to make memories for generations to come.

  10. Andrea Bielenberg says:

    No design is complete with funded staff to implement especially during high volume times. From class change at the UI to emerging impromptu concert venues like Luke Wilson in Pesotum. The latter of which had an estimated public cost of six figures, when OT and other compensation is factured in.
    We need traffic directors, registrators and instructors for bike/scooter drivers. Pedestrian / bike swag that is neon & reflective. And phone free zones for traffic labeled. Yes an entire generation thinks looking at their phone wearing earbuds is acceptable. We need to expand the UI “Safewalks” program and create dozens like it, to the give the appearance of cross walk guards. We need to expand parking enforcement another branch to be able to direct trained volunteers, and work with our never ending construction project sites, currently without site supervision in regards to safe traffic practices.
    All of this will create low level partime temporay jobs. How is that a bad or expensive thing?

  11. Jason Rock says:

    I’m disappointed that Green Street isn’t included in the high priority areas. The data collected and analyzed is from 2012 to 2015 in part during closures for the MCORE project. Even with those closures, Green Street stands out as a high incident corridor. There’s also little evidence that the MCORE changes on Green street have created a safe corridor for cycling due to the lack of connection through campustown and the lack of connection to downtown Urbana and downtown Champaign. Until Green street is redesigned in a manner that prevents pedestrians and cyclist injuries it should be included in every single high priority list due to the immense volume of traffic along the corridor.

  12. Michael Kilcullen says:

    In both reports, I do not see much info about current or future efforts to reduce the need for some car trips, or even the ownership of cars at all!

    More emphasis needs to be placed on ALL transport modes, in particular expanding Zipcar; expanding frequencies on rural transit routes (ie, at least hourly memory schedules for Rantoul-Urbana/Hospitals/Univ/Champaign; and as others have noted, that IL-47 N of Lake of the Woods.

    No word was mentioned at all about how raising the prices of parking can reduce demand to drive. The book “The High Cost of Free Parking” is an excellent resource that should be looked at.

    Way too much of the impaired driving is focused on liquor, and the restrictions in sales. The 21 drinking age and bar restrictions have not one single whit of impact on driving while impaired on illegal (or soon to be legal) drugs, nor especially legal pharmaceuticals!

    Particularly in a college town where so many people do not even own a car, they will never ever drive drunk. Let them drink or smoke as much as they want, I don,t care as long as they are walking or riding a bus, taking a taxi, having food delivered to their home or couch, pass out at a friend, or even pass out in someone’s yard!

    The penalties and the emphasis should be on the DRIVING part, not the usage of the substance part.

    DUI enforcement must be increased…but the laws must be increasing the penalties as well for the driving part. I mean, mandatory jail time for driving under ANY impairment no matter the substance or device (phone). Do anything if you are walking, but throw the book at the driving the car part of the equation.

    Everyone – especially pedestrians – but bicyclists as well — take those damn earbuds/headphones off your ears, y’all can’t hear!!! Transport planning needs to emphasize that more people need to pay attention, no matter whether they are using feet or wheels to move about.

    Continue making infrastructure improvements! A lot of “misbehavior” is actually due to poor engineering or maintenance of all types of pavements, signage, and lighting. But as we see in MCORE, infrastructure is expensive!

  13. Kelley Wegeng says:

    Please choose to aim for zero fatalities instead of merely aiming to reduce crashes. Choices to prioritize car travel over cyclist and pedestrian safety are choices to sacrifice family members, friends, and neighbors. Unless drivers can point to someone and say “I’m willing to sacrifice them,” they almost certainly do not understand the massive recklessness of the current status quo. Please up-end the status quo and adopt Vision Zero.

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