RPC Helping Hundreds of Champaign County Households That Have Been Hit Hard Financially by the COVID-19 Crisis

A variety of past due notices received in the mail

The COVID-19 crisis has been especially painful financially for low-income households in Champaign County, but the RPC is doing its part to help those individuals and families achieve stability and economic security. Through the implementation of a grant specific to COVID-19 relief, the RPC hopes to provide much-needed assistance to as many as 500 households.

The COVID-19 Relief Program aims to help low-income households maintain the basic need of housing with running utilities through rent assistance, mortgage assistance, water bill assistance, and power bill assistance through the LIHEAP program. In addition to the basic needs of housing and utilities, food and prescription assistance will be provided to support physical health and well-being.  The provision of prescription and medical supplies assistance will be accomplished through a partnership with Champaign County Health Care Consumers, an organization that organizes individuals and communities to have a voice in the health care system.

“Although households have protection from legal evictions at this time, it will not provide assistance with the actual bills,” explains Lisa Benson, the RPC’s Community Services Director. “Providing financial assistance to low-income households who have not been able to cover their housing costs during the pandemic will provide a household with immediate relief while also increasing safety when the eviction moratorium is lifted.”

Households in Champaign County interested in applying for these programs can request assistance online at www.HelpIllinoisFamilies.com. After being referred to the RPC, an RPC staff member will contact the head of household to begin the application process. Basic eligibility will include proof of Champaign County residency and verification of income within the program eligibility guidelines. Additional documentation specific to the assistance sought will be required.


  1. Julia Miller says:

    I live in vermilion co. Danville
    & have asked my landlord to apply for this Covid related rental assistance & he is having issues & not getting anywhere. He’s applied a couple months back & just got an email saying the application has been voided. No explanation. I owe this guy a bunch of money & don’t know what I’m going to do. He’s not going to let me live here not paying rent indefinitely. What should I do? Can you help him in this system that keeps apologizing for it’s glitches? We’ve been on the phone on hold for hours. (yesterday & today)

  2. Maurey Williamson says:

    Our Emergency Rent Assistance program is only for Champaign County residents. You should contact the East Central Illinois Community Action Agency in Danville. 217-554-9110 or comaction@comaction.org.

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