Donation from Illinois-Based Foundation Allowing RPC’s Early Childhood Education Program to Further Help Families in Need

A child being dressed up in winter clothing

A generous donation to the RPC’s Early Childhood Education program will soon help the RPC provide car seats, thermometers, and winter weather gear to hundreds of Champaign County families with children enrolled in the program. The John H. and Ann G. Rhodes Foundation, based in Elk Grove, Illinois, is pledging $5,000 to the RPC in hopes of helping families in need right here in east central Illinois.

Established in 2008, The Rhodes Foundation is a private foundation with a specific goal to assist children and young adults in their educational and extracurricular endeavors. One of its primary missions is to help those needing additional funding to further their travels and educational experiences. Recently, the Foundation expanded its mission to include supporting organizations that provide extracurricular activities for children.

“In the face of the pandemic we realize that organizations serving children have been particularly challenged over the past year,” comments Caryl Riley, one of The Rhodes Foundation’s board members. “Funding is available to these organizations to help them creatively conduct outreach to the children and their families.”

The Rhodes Foundation is run by a four-member Board of Directors and provides funding for students residing in Illinois and Virginia. John (“Jack”) and Ann Rhodes traveled extensively and thought the experience of travel was life altering.

“Our program is very thankful for the generosity of The Rhodes Foundation to help our families with safety needs, as well as keep the children enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start warm during the cold weather months,” says Brandi Granse, the RPC’s Early Childhood Education Director.  “We are overjoyed to offer these donations to our families.”

The donation opportunity came about when The Rhodes Foundation was looking to make a donation to a children’s organization in central Illinois. They were referred to the RPC’s Early Childhood Education program, with the possibility of the donation being matched by the RPC’s grantor and the RPC’s excellent fiscal management abilities being cited as reasons why a donation would be a good fit.

The RPC is expected to receive the donation soon and begin purchasing and distributing the winter weather gear and other items to families in the weeks ahead.

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