Proposals Sought to Provide Emergency Shelter for Champaign County Individuals

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The Champaign County Continuum of Service Providers to the Homeless (CSPH) has identified year-round and low-barrier emergency shelter for single individuals as a critical gap in the local homeless services system. CSPH seeks proposals to fill this gap and intends to work with the recommended proposal to advocate for local non-CSPH funds, as well as to provide technical assistance to apply for Continuum-controlled funds such as the ESG program. CSPH recognizes it will take a community-wide investment to develop and operate a high-quality emergency shelter.

“At this time, there are no emergency shelters for single individuals that maintain a low-barrier to entry that complies with our Continuum’s Written Standards,” says Breaden Belcher, CSPH Co-Chair. “There is a critical need for shelters that use evidence-based, trauma-informed practices focused on our most vulnerable.”

Proposals for Emergency Shelter programs must:

  • Emphasize Evidence-Based Practices & Trauma-Informed Care
  • Utilize the Harm-Reduction Model
  • Practice high fidelity to Housing First concepts
  • Be culturally competent and affirming of LGBTQ+ populations in both planning and service delivery
  • Engage fully with the Continuum’s Coordinated Entry System as an official Access Point

Several emergency shelter programs exist within Champaign County. However, these small programs tend to specialize in non-congregate family shelter.

The 2021 Point in Time Count identified 148 total individuals experiencing homelessness, with 132 individuals residing in emergency shelter programs. Since May, a critical gap has developed resulting in a significant reduction in capacity of emergency shelter for single individuals, and the loss of emergency shelters for single individuals that maintain low-barriers to entry.

The Continuum will support the recommended proposal in advocacy with local non-CSPH funders, as well as provide technical assistance with seeking CSPH funds if needed. CSPH asks that proposals be sent to Thomas Bates ( Proposals must include a cover letter with a summary of the proposal, description of services, explanation of how the shelter will meet the CSPH requests detailed above, how the proposal will integrate with other CSPH initiatives, and the approximate budget for the proposal.

The Continuum requests that proposals be submitted by November 12, 2021. Any questions about the request can be submitted to Thomas Bates.


  1. Drameka Ervin Miller says:

    I am currently on the streets and in need of shelter how what is available for someone in my position

  2. Maurey Williamson says:

    If you are in need of emergency shelter, please contact 211 to be directed to emergency shelter options.

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