Incumbent Worker Training

A Training Grant to Make Your Company More Competitive

Our¬†Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)¬†program may be just what you need to help train your existing employees, increase productivity, and boost your company’s competitiveness.

How Incumbent Worker Training Works

To be eligible for an IWT training grant, your company must need to train existing workers in order to avert potential layoffs or increase your workers’ skill level. If eligible, your company can be reimbursed for the cost of skills training. Specific details include:

  • Workers receiving training must have an established full-time employment history of at least six months at your company
  • If a company has recently relocated and any employee lost their job, IWT services cannot be provided for 120 days following the relocation
  • The training must be job-specific occupational skills training
  • An IWT grant cannot cover “soft skills” training or general worker orientation

The Benefit to Your Business

  • Addresses skills gaps in your existing workforce
  • Helps you boost productivity and/or avert layoffs

Learn More About the Benefits of IWT

To learn how your company may benefit from an IWT grant, please contact Cassandra Dunham at or 217-531-8276.