Individual Assistance / Career Assessment

Individual Assistance

Career Counseling is available for eligible individuals who are seeking to pursue training programs, are unsure about what type of job to pursue or are considering a career change. This assistance is provided in one-to-one appointments and may include identifying career goals, mapping out a training program, support during your job search, help with your resume or preparing for an interview.

Career Assessment

A team of experienced career development specialists are at the heart of program. Our career planners are skilled professionals who are excellent listeners with a wealth of knowledge about career exploration, training opportunities and professional development. They have an ear to the ground to local job leads in a wide array of fields and industries as well as resources to help speed your job search.

Our career planners have access to many assessment tools to help you in your journey. These tools include interest assessments, aptitude testing, as well as reading and math testing. Visit one of our offices to today to learn more.