Community Services Director Lisa Benson Wins Statewide Award

Community Services Director Lisa Benson Wins Statewide Award

Congratulations to the RPC's Community Services Director, Lisa Benson, on winning the Harry Ring Outstanding Service Award at the 2024 Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies (IACAA) Annual Conference in Springfield, Illinois, on Tuesday, May 7. The award is given "In honor of your outstanding service and dedication to the mission and the ideals of Community Action as exemplified by Harry Ring." A large contingent of RPC staff was on hand to help celebrate Lisa’s honor, including many of her staff members.

Here is the text from the presentation, which you can also view on YouTube:

“The winner of the Harry Ring Outstanding Service Award is a person who has completely committed themselves to the mission of Community Action. This individual works above and beyond just the call of duty for the benefit of Community Action and the low-income population.

“Throughout her 20-year career she has been a beacon of inspiration, fostering an environment where innovative ideas flourish and every voice is valued. Her unwavering commitment to serving the most vulnerable community knows no bounds as she tirelessly seeks out new funding opportunities and navigates challenges with grace and determination. Under her leadership, the agency has seen tremendous growth and expansion, particularly in the Community Services support division.

“Despite the post-pandemic staffing shortages, she has built and nurtured an exceptional team that shares her passion for our mission and is dedicated to making a difference. From overseeing vital programs such as LIHEAP and the Youth Assessment Center, to spearheading initiatives like Transportation Assistance and Homeless Services, her impact on the community is immeasurable. Her collaborative spirit extends far and wide as she works seamlessly with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure housing and social services reach those in need.

“Perhaps what truly sets her apart is her genuine care for her team. She fosters an atmosphere where diversity and teamwork help each team member feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. Lisa’s leadership is not just about achieving goals, it’s about building a community of support and encouragement where everyone can thrive.”