Commitment to Services


After the assassination of President Kennedy in November 1963, President Johnson pledged to fulfill his promise of equal opportunity through efforts to build what would be called The Great Society. In his first State of Union address, Johnson called for “an unconditional War on Poverty.” In August, the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 was passed and Community Action Agencies and the Head Start Program were established. These programs, designed to address poverty and assist Americans toward economic security, followed a model of local coordination and community participation to ensure that those affected by poverty would be empowered to own a stake in their communities and have place at the table in addressing their own needs.


In operation since 1984, our Community Action Agency provides comprehensive services that address the many factors that affect an individual’s ability to rise out of poverty, including housing, employment, food insecurity, health and education. Our services are designed to provide holistic support to program participants, addressing the needs of the whole family through a multi-faceted approach to self-sufficiency programming. To ensure that clients find the path to economic security comprehensive case management is at the root of all of our programs, which include Housing, Weatherization, Workforce Development, Youth Services, No Limits, Senior Services, and Independent Service Coordination. We collaborate with the surrounding community and partnering agencies in all sectors to create effective long-term solutions for those most in need of assistance.


Our Community Action Agency is committed to continuous program evaluation and improvement. We conduct a Community Assessment to identify community needs and the status of services in the community. We continue to pursue the following key results:

  • 90% of our clients will enhance their health and well-being
  • 95% of our Head Start children will be developmentally prepared for future school success
  • 80% of our clients will make gains in self-sufficiency
  • 95% of our clients, staff, and partners believe our agency is a valuable asset to the community