CCRPC and the U.S. Census

CCRPC encourages all Champaign County residents (regardless of citizenship) to complete their 2020 Census form immediately. CCRPC leads the 2020 Census Champaign County Area Complete Count Committee (CCC). Connect with the CCC through the 2020 Central Illinois Census website, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. For further assistance, contact staff planner Gabe Lewis.

CCRPC serves as the local clearinghouse for U.S. Census data, providing data, reports, and technical assistance related to U.S. Census products and programs.

The U.S. Census Bureau collects and publishes a variety of data, including the Decennial Census, a full count of the total U.S. population, and the American Community Survey, a series of rolling estimates covering a wide variety of topics from demographic characteristics to employment, income, and education.

Members of the public can access these and other data sets, as well as recent research, Census-related news and events, and fact sheets for states, counties, and municipalities, by visiting Data from the Decennial Census, American Community Survey, and other Census courses can be accessed via, a searchable interface that allows users to filter the available tables by geographic area, data set, year, and topic. More experienced data users can create their own tables of Census data using the analysis and extraction tool DataFerrett. Both of these retrieval methods, and all published Census data, are free to access and use.

CCRPC staff are available to provide technical assistance in retrieving and interpreting Census data. To get help with your Census or other data question, submit your data request to staff planner Gabe Lewis.

Census Programs

In addition to providing Census data services, CCRPC also acts as a point of contact between the U.S. Census Bureau, Champaign County, and Champaign County municipalities for the following Census programs:

Boundary and Annexation Survey

An annual program, the Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) is an opportunity for the U.S. Census Bureau to collect information on any changes to the legal boundaries of counties and municipalities that took place in the survey year. Maintaining up-to-date records of municipalities’ boundaries helps ensure the accuracy of the population counts and estimates published for those municipalities.

CCRPC is the respondent agency for Champaign County municipalities under the Consolidated BAS program, which allows one local government agency to respond for other entities within its jurisdiction.

Any questions about the BAS or Consolidated BAS can be directed to staff planner Gabe Lewis.