Developmental Disabilities Services

The Independent Service Coordination program provides an array of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The program aims to provide services and supports that are responsive to the unique needs of each individual and to promote independence, inclusion, and self-determination. The ISC team serve as an advocate, resource, and partner for developmentally disabled individuals, their family, and other service providers in Champaign, Ford, and Iroquois Counties.

Program and Services

The ISC team perform pre-admission screenings to determine eligibility for services, support advocacy, enhanced coordination for former nursing facility residents, and establishment of priority of urgency based on the state criteria and funding availability.


ISC services are contingent upon a formal diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disability or elated condition with concurrent adaptive functioning limitations in three of six life skill areas (language, learning, mobility, self-care, self-direction, or the capacity for independent living) that is manifest before age 22.


Champaign County: 217-328-3313

Ford/Iroquois Counties: 815-432-0195