Our Community Partners

Head Start is a community-based program. Community partnerships are the hallmark of Head Start’s success; they represent strong and nurturing relationships between Head Start staff, families, and the community. Champaign County Head Start has developed many community partnerships throughout its service area to best utilize all resources available to children and families. We continually endeavor to strengthen our partnerships with community agencies. The collaboration of Champaign County Head Start with other agencies to provide a health and developmental screening is an example of our coordinated work within our community.

Champaign County Head Start recognizes that circumstances and environment at home greatly effect a child’s ability to succeed at school. We aim to help all families access the resources and services that they need to be successful. Champaign County community partners are identified below.

Champaign County Resources

Shelters and Domestic Violence

Childcare and After School Programs

Immigration and Refugee Services

Pregnancy and Parenting Services

Employment Resources

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Health Resources

Foster Care Resources

Early Childhood Disability Resources

Educational Resources

School Districts

Legal and Economic Resources

Crisis Intervention Services

Food and Clothing Resources

Housing and Energy Assistance Resources