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Homeowner Housing Assistance

We are no longer accepting applications for Homeowner Housing Assistance. Applicants who completed the full application process prior to Thursday, September 23, are being reviewed at this time.

Our COVID-Relief Homeowner Housing Assistance is for homeowners in Champaign County who have been impacted by COVID-19 and are behind on mortgage payments. This one-time assistance will help with overdue expenses. Applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted.

Required Documentation:

Hard/ paper copies of the following must be submitted with your completed application:
• Photo identification (any form of ID with a picture and the applicant’s legal name)
• Copy of your most recent property tax bill or statement.
• Copies of your most recent past-due mortgage statement with at least a $500 balance; statements over one month old will not be accepted.
• Copies of your most recent past-due water and/or sewer utility bills; bills over one month old will not be accepted. NOTE- hard/paper copies of utility bills are required.
• Copy of the last 30 days of income for each and every household member over age 18 (Employment income, unemployment income, Social Security income, pension income, child support, etc.)

The following will occur after the RPC receives your application:

  1. Staff will review application submissions.
    a. If an application is complete, Staff will contact the applicant by phone to schedule an in-person intake appointment to complete the eligibility determination.
    b. If an application is incomplete, Staff will attempt to contact the applicant by phone and advise them the application has been rejected. The applicant will also be sent an email. The incomplete application will
    be shred. Applicants are welcome to resubmit a full and complete application for consideration.
  2. Applicants who meet the initial eligibility determination will work with RPC’s Housing Counselor to develop a plan to address future mortgage payments.
  3. Applicants determined to have a plan to meet future home ownership fees, may be approved for assistance with past due housing fees. It is anticipated that payments will be processed with 14-30 days of final
    determination of approval.