An aerial view of houses in a neighborhood

HUD Housing Counseling Services

Our Housing Counseling Services empower Champaign County residents to secure or remain in stable housing and make informed decisions. Through educational programming for individuals and groups, income-eligible households can learn the basics of budgeting, homebuying, renting, credit, and other housing-related topics.

Housing Counseling Services Offered Through the RPC


Households review their monthly expenses in detail, working with the housing counselor to determine if their income is enough to support their current lifestyle and future goals. The counselor also discusses ways to increase income and decrease expenses, as needed.


Participants receive information on how to select rental units that meet their needs while also remaining within their budget. Households will gain an understanding of what is considered “safe” and “healthy” housing, when to contact the city if the landlord fails to respond to maintenance requests, and their obligations as renters so that they can maintain a good relationship with their landlord.

Credit Counseling

Households learn how to check their credit reports for free while discussing ways to improve their credit score over time. In addition, they will gain an understanding of the importance and long-term benefits of a good credit score.

Homebuyer Education

These sessions provide new and first-time homebuyers with insights on topics such as money management, credit counseling, and post-purchase counseling. Post-purchase topics include non-delinquency, home improvement, and community engagement.

Banking Services

The housing counselor offers an overview on how to select a bank/credit union that meets a household’s individual needs. Instead of directing a household to any one bank, the housing counselor teaches them how to compare services offered by different institutions.

Fair Housing

Tenants work with the housing counselor to understand their rights and responsibilities as a renter. They will also learn how to report any violations to fair housing laws. Since each municipality in Champaign County has slightly different regulations surrounding fair housing, renters will learn some of these differences to help aide them in their search for new housing.