No Limits

Program Purpose

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No Limits helps qualifying members of the Champaign County community improve their quality of life. Program participants can achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency by partnering with a case manager to establish a relationship based on mutual respect, trust, responsibility, and hope.

About the Program

This program provides structure and guidance to help participants develop the kind of positive habits that lead to a prosperous future. Case managers partner with low-income individuals and families to establish an individualized plan focused on increasing stability and self-sufficiency. Through weekly meetings during the first month—and as often as necessary thereafter—participants plan and enact activities to work toward their personal goals. Goals include everything from employment and education to housing and budgeting.

Participants may continue in the program for up to two years after qualifying. They will successfully complete the program when they score above 70 points on the self-sufficiency scale.


Program eligibility and details of a potential participant’s current situation are assessed at enrollment using the self-sufficiency scale. To qualify, they must:

  • Be referred by an RPC program such as Workforce Development, Homeless Services, Head Start, etc.
  • Score under 70 points on the self-sufficiency scale
  • Live in Champaign County
  • Be within the poverty guidelines
  • Be referred for housing advocacy services through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Program Overview

During their first meeting, a case manager will explore the strengths of the participant’s family, along with their resources and vision for the future. The case manager will use the family self-sufficiency assessment to determine the participant’s self-sufficiency score based on 10 areas the program examines. Based on a participant’s vision for the future, case managers will help them plan short- and long-term goals and determine what is needed to achieve those goals.

As they meet regularly with their case manager, a participant will receive support and encouragement to help them prepare and adjust to employment, think through difficult situations, find and use community resources, and build on strengths. No Limits staff will be focused on helping participants complete tasks, realize their progress, and meet their goals.

Through the No Limits program, participants can:

  • Discover strengths, skills, and interests
  • Develop plans for achieving short- and long-term goals
  • Learn critical-thinking skills, budgeting, coping strategies, and problem solving
  • Learn to navigate the maze of community services to meet their needs
  • Prepare to find a career, not just a job
  • Receive limited financial assistance for emergency needs when no other community resources are available

The program offers access to additional services geared toward improving a participant’s quality of life, including the Individual Development Account and the Tenant-Based Rental Assistance programs.

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