Job Seeker Services

Basic Services

Our Basic Services are completely open to the public. To access these services, simply walk-in or call any one of our
five Illinois Worknet Center’s (see sidebar).

Individual Services

Our Individualized Services have eligibility requirements. Your eligibility for these services can be determined by attending an orientation which are held at the main Illinois Worknet Center in Champaign (see sidebar) every Monday at 2pm and Wednesday at 10am. To apply for services at a location outside of Champaign County please walk-in or call the Illinois Worknet Center (see sidebar) closest to you.

Individual Services Eligibility

Youth Service Programs

Each year a variety of year-round youth service providers are funded by the CCRPC Workforce Division. If you are between the ages of 14 and 24, you should apply to one of these programs before seeking eligibility through the Workforce Division. The Workforce Division has had long associations with University of Illinois, READY, Parkland College, and others.

Youth Service Programs Eligibility

County Profiles

Get more information about our local workforce area which includes economic, population, education, employment, industry, and other characteristics.