Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

What is WIOA?

WIOA stands for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. It is the federal funding source for the occupational training paid for by Workforce Development Services.

Why apply for a WIOA training grant?

Employers value workers who keep their skills sharp and up-to-date, as well as those who pursue new skills and certifications. WIOA occupational training grants can help you to upgrade your skills or obtain a professional certification.

Who can apply for a WIOA grant?

Job seekers who live in Champaign, Douglas, Ford, Iroquois, or Piatt Counties, or who were laid off from a company in any of those counties, may apply for a WIOA grant at Workforce Development Services. Those living outside of our four-county service area may apply, but residents in the service area are given priority.

Will it affect my unemployment insurance?

Under the WIOA program, if you are receiving unemployment benefits you can continue to receive them while you are taking classes.

What sorts of training or certifications can I get?

WIOA can pay for training in various industries, including IT, manufacturing, office and administration, and accounting.

Learn More About WIOA

Following are websites that provide additional information and resources about WIOA and what it entails:

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