Head Start Policy Council

Head Start Policy Council

The Policy Council governs the entire Champaign County Head Start program through planning, monitoring, and decision-making. It consists of at least 51 percent parents, with the remainder being community people from organizations that serve Champaign County Head Start families or similar families. Parent representatives are elected by the parents of currently enrolled children. The Policy Council usually meets on the fourth Monday of the month except in December.

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming meetings to display.

Parent Representatives

  • Rita Conerly - Champaign Full-Day Early Head Start
  • Carmen Cueva - Champaign Full-Day Head Start and Early Head Start
  • Tavares Smith, Sr. - Champaign Full-Day Head Start
  • Mary Hollingsworth - Savoy Six-Hour Head Start
  • Lanyne Tracy - Savoy Six-Hour Head Start
  • Jessica Parks - Savoy Six-Hour Head Start
  • L. Felix Lockhart - Family Child Care Full-Day Head Start
  • Joyce Wells - Urbana Full-Day Head Start
  • Zandra Davis - Family Child Care Full-Day Early Head Start
  • Kylie Williams - Family Child Care Full-Day Head Start
  • Ajaya Ram Burri - Home-Based Head Start
Community Representatives

  • C. Pius Weibel - Community Member
  • Ana Olguin - WILL Book Mentor Program
  • Katina Wilcher - Champaign County Regional Planning Commission
  • Kyle Hubert - Past Parent
  • Leah Taylor - Champaign County Board