New Director of Operations Brings Nearly Three Decades of Experience in Local Government to the RPC

New Director of Operations Brings Nearly Three Decades of Experience in Local Government to the RPC

“I consider the Regional Planning Commission to be boots-on-the-ground in providing direct services and improving the quality of life for the people in our community.”

Those are the words of the RPC’s new Director of Operations, Tami Ogden, who brings 28 years of experience in local government service to the agency. Tami has been both an elected municipal clerk and appointed treasurer, and has served as Champaign County’s Director of Finance for the past eight years. She joins the RPC on Monday, September 11.

Since joining Champaign County government, Tami points to positioning the County to receive a bond rating upgrade to Aa1 as one of her major accomplishments. She also established and achieved a target to increase the fund balance of the General Fund, while providing sound fiscal advice to elected officials to help navigate numerous financially and politically challenging situations.

Originally from Ashmore, Illinois, Tami grew up working on her family’s farm. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Family and Consumer Sciences Education from Eastern Illinois University, and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Since 2012 she has also worked as a part-time energy broker to help local governments and businesses procure competitive electric and gas contracts. Tami now lives in rural Sidney with her husband. She says they always have a project going and are currently finishing the renovation of a house next to their property, with plans to turn it into an Airbnb. They have four grown children.

“Since relocating to Champaign County, I have fallen in love with the community and its people,” says Tami. “While working for the County, I have been impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of the RPC and have enjoyed interacting with many of the staff. I am very excited for the opportunity to continue serving the county as part of the RPC team and looking forward to helping move the mission of the organization forward.”

In her free time, Tami enjoys kayaking, running, cycling, hiking, badminton, ping pong, and almost anything active and outside. She also loves to travel, having visited Israel and Maui this year, and teaches Sunday School (five- and six-year-olds), sings soprano on the praise team, and helps coordinate special events at her church.

We welcome Tami Ogden to the RPC!