Award Recognizes Years of Impactful Volunteer Work by RPC Case Manager

Award Recognizes Years of Impactful Volunteer Work by RPC Case Manager

Kerrie Hacker Pruitt, a Case Manager in the RPC’s Community Services Division, is the 2023 winner of the Mowrer Award in recognition of her long-term service with the GROW Mental Health Community. Her nomination stated that, “Kerrie has served the GROW community with compassion, love, and care since 1998. She has offered her selfless service to all to improve their lives whether they are in crisis mode or achieving stability for their ongoing mental health.”

The Mowrer Awards commemorate Hobart and Molly Mowrer, University of Illinois professors credited for their pioneering work in the development of self-help and mutual assistance through the establishment of Integrity Groups in the 1950’s. Their work has been carried on by the rapid growth of self-help groups both nationally and internationally. Today about 25 million Americans, or 1 in 5 adults, turn to self-help/support groups to help them cope with life’s most difficult problems.

Kerrie is currently a board member of GROW in America and a volunteer Senior Field Developer for GROW in Illinois. She has served as a Residential Coordinator, Organizer, and Recorder. GROW faced much difficulty in 2015 when the organization’s funds were slashed, but Kerrie continued volunteering her time and thanks to the work of her and others, GROW groups have been re-established at a local Champaign County satellite jail, the OSF psychiatric unit, weekly online Zoom meetings, and new groups serving homeless persons.

“Kerrie’s work has impacted people’s lives by organizing groups in Champaign County,” the nomination states. “Her work spreads the GROW message of friendship and love that empowers us to achieve a high level of growth, maturity, and dignity.”

Kerrie is quick to point out that teamwork is the reason GROW continues to make an impact in our community, much like how those in the RPC’s Community Services Division work together to improve people’s lives. “The very small staff and volunteers that have kept the GROW organization going for over 45 years are the most incredible team of persons I have ever or will ever work with,” she stresses.

Click here for more information about the GROW Organization.

The RPC offers its congratulations to Kerrie on this well-deserved honor.